Family and friends of those in need of recovery endure horrific experiences, witnessing their sick loved ones’ loss of employment, relationships, freedom, financial security, and self-respect. Some people have to hit their drinking/using “bottom” in order to accept help; others reach their hands out for help when they are simply ready to try something (and sometimes anything) different. With the help of caring individuals, and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, the sick and suffering can begin their road to sobriety.

On December 23, 1986, a small group of men with a vision of recovery purchased a small farmhouse in Argyle, GA (Clinch County) – welcome Bridges of Hope!

We set out to gain community support and involvement by inviting local leaders, some in recovery themselves, to form a board to oversee the Bridges of Hope Charitable Trust. We initially received private donations from the community including materials, services, and a little money to get things going.

After adequately renovating the aging farm, the first residents arrived in January 1987.

Shortly thereafter, we built a dormitory and other functional buildings. While the original farmhouse could accommodate sixteen residents, the facility currently has 52 beds. Residents began going out in the communities to perform service work. The Bridges of Hope is now a welcomed member of the communities in which they exist, and are now seen by the Chamber of Commerce as an important community asset. In 1992, a television producer and crew from CNN arrived in Argyle to create a ten-minute story on the facility for a three-part documentary called “Across America with Larry Woods”, giving the program additional exposure.

With the success of the first Bridges of Hope location in Homerville, GA, the Board of Directors thought it was time to grow. The second men’s facility in Chauncey, GA, was opened in 1991. A third men’s facility in Louisville, GA, opened in 1996. In 2001, another facility was opened in Morven, GA, and now serves as our women’s facility.  Our Board of Trustees serve on a voluntary basis. They are respectable leaders in their respective communities, many of whom are in recovery. The Bridges of Hope program is based on tough love, spirituality, and one recovering person helping another…..and it works – it really does! To find out how you can help us continue to grow and help those addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, please see the donation button or click on DONATIONS. Your contributions are welcomed and appreciated!

Office Manager

Lois Corbitt, Phone Number (912) 487-3645, Fax Number (912) 487-2040, bridgesofhope@windstream.net

Office Hours

8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday

The Bridges of Hope Charitable Trust

The Bridges of Hope Charitable Trust was created and is run by individuals dedicated to helping individuals in need of recovery.


Executive Board

Winfred Murphy – Executive Director, Luthersville, GA. Phone (678)633-1459.
William Richards – Chairman, Jacksonville, FL
David Morgan – Vice Chairman
Dennis McCarthy – Secretary/Treasurer, St. Simons Island GA
Jennifer Fries – Claxton, GA
Irvin Lawson – Morven, GA
Glenn Hendrix – Nahunta, GA
Tim Moncus – LaGrange, GA
Donnie Poole – Helena, GA
Gigi Deas – – Lake Park, Georgia
Drew Gibbs – Jacksonville, FL
Ron Strickland –Nahunta, GA
Glenn Rogers –LaGrange, GA
Dusty Stephens –Gray, GA