Mission Statement: Our goal is to help men and women build a foundation for recovery.

The Bridges of Hope is a long-term residential recovery center. There are three facilities for men and one for women. Our program of recovery is based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. The A.A. ‘Big Book’ and the 12 steps to recovery serve as the foundation for the entire program. A.A. has been successfully helping people recover for more than 80 years, through fellowship, prayer and the demonstration of spiritual principles. Bridges of Hope does not offer medical or professional counseling services and does not facilitate detoxification or admit individuals with a dual diagnosis.

Our Locations

Our four facilities offer a serene setting to center yourself and focus on your recovery.
Some of our facilities feature a working farm, vegetable gardens, use of a greenhouse to grow plants, and a pond where residents are allowed to fish.


Women’s facility

Bridges of Hope - Morven, GA


36 acres /50 bed facility

Bridges of Hope - Chauncey, GA


72 acres/52 bed facility

Bridges of Hope - Homerville, GA


150 acres/56 bed facility

Bridges of Hope - Louisville, GA

What We Are Not

  • Bridges of Hope is a recovery program … not a treatment center in the traditional sense. Medical, psychiatric and professional counseling services are not automatically available to residents.
  • Bridges of Hope is not a state-funded facility. We operate and cover expenses solely on charitable contributions and donations from companies and foundations which are tax-deductible.
  • Bridges of Hope cannot accept anyone in need of detoxification (but we may be able to refer such a person to a qualified medical facility).
  • Bridges of Hope does not accept individuals with so-called dual-diagnosis, or those with a history of violence.
  • Bridges of Hope does not currently offer services for adolescents. We accept men (and adult women at the Alamo facility) from late teens on up, however, we have limited capacity for teenage males.
  • Bridges of Hope is a working facility, meaning residents physical condition should be fair to good in order to contribute through at least moderate on-site work activities on a daily basis.